iPhone 7 Specs List: 4 Features We Wish Apple Will Include In The Next iPhone

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Apple should better pack these specs in their upcoming iPhone 7 (or 6S) model. (Image courtesy of Apple)

It?s only been a few months since Apple released the current-gen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models but tech rumor mills are already abuzz with the possible launch of either the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7. Regardless of what naming scheme Apple will use for their upcoming smartphone, here are some of the improvements we wish they will treat eagerly waiting iPhone fans with.

Better battery life

If we?re only given one feature to improve on the next iPhone, it would definitely be the battery capacity. No matter how efficient the A8 chipsets, the current iPhone 6?s 1,810 mAh is still not powerful enough to satisfy the needs of many users. The iPhone 6 Plus has a better 2,915 battery but that is primarily to support its larger display. It would really be better if the Cupertino-based tech giant is to break the 3,000 mAh barrier and equip the iPhone 7 with a battery that would last for more than 24 hours of normal use.

Force Touch display

The company could also decide to furnish its upcoming handset with the so-called Force Touch display technology. This is reportedly a major feature of the Apple Watch?s display. It would be a game-changing feature if they include this in the device as it enables users to distinguish between a soft and or hard touch via tactile feedback. It may also open up a lot of innovations in the development of new applications (i.e. games) and user experience.

Wireless charging

There are already a ton of Android devices that offer wireless charging. Should Apple finally launch the iPhone 7 with wireless charging support, then it would be giving iPhone fans another reason to love the device even more. The market is already saturated with wireless charging tech that utilizes conduction pads like the Qi Wireless Charging. It would be much more sensible (and cooler) if Apple equip their next iPhone with a feature that takes advantage of wireless charging from a distance.

Waterproof body

Until now, being waterproof and dustproof has been the domain of many Android phones. But we?d also love to see the iPhone 7 being treated with a waterproof body. We?re not asking for it to IP-certified so we can scuba dive with it, but wouldn?t it be nice if we don?t have to worry about taking out our iPhones and snap a few selfies in the rain? Or not having to suffer panic attacks when we accidentally drop them in the pool or at the beach? This may still be a wild dream but Apple can really take hints from Samsung and Sony in this topic. While you?re waiting for your iPhone 6 to be replaced with a worthy successor, you may still have to protect that precious (i.e. pricy) little device by fitting it with the best waterproof cases.


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