iPhone 7 Specs: Coming With Intel Modem Chips For Ultra-Fast Internet Speed [Report]

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The upcoming iPhone 7 model may come with modem chips from Intel, instead of Qualcomm. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Apple fanatics may be disappointed to know that the iPhone 7 they have been excitedly waiting for will reportedly be delayed until next year. But the long wait may actually do some good as the upcoming model will likely be integrated with modem chips from Intel capable of supporting high-speed Internet.

iPhone 7 release date delayed?

Sources cited by Apple Insider, who are said to be familiar with Apple?s plans, shared that the tech giant will release a supposed iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus later this year. These models reportedly come with bigger displays as well as a universal ?Apple SIM card.? If true, this clearly hints that the next major handset update, the iPhone 7, will indeed be launched in 2016.


What the Intel chip is capable of

This iPhone 7 release delay is probably used by Apple to arrange a significant update in their handset?s internal hardware. A report published by Venture Beat mentioned that the model to be released in 2016 will pack a modem chip made by renowned semiconductor company Intel.

The chip is said to be the Intel?s 7360 LTE that is capable of delivering download speed of up to 450 mbps and supports Category 9/10 LTE along with 3X carrier aggregation. Industry analysts who have spoken to the site noted that the chip has ?impressed phone makers for being well built, power efficient, and fast.?

The report somehow reinforces the aforementioned rumor about the 2016 release. Verture Beat?s sources claim that the Intel components will ship out to manufacturer on the latter half of 2015 and that Apple engineers have reportedly been going to Germany to work with people from Intel. This move is perhaps done by Apple to pressure Qualcomm, their long-time model supplier who, according to the source, have a recent ?uneasy relationship? with the Cupertino-based device maker.

Aimed towards Asia and Latin America

Interestingly, the 7360 Intel modem chip will ship inside a ?special version? if the iPhone 7 and will be marketed to emerging mobile device markets in Asia and Latin America, according to the site?s sources. As such, it becomes unclear whether these markets will get a less expensive iPhone 7 or the same iPhone model that all other markets will receive. The company has yet to offer a truly low-cost iPhone variant launched alongside pocket-burning flagship versions. Not even the 2013?s iPhone 5C was the affordable handset many consumers thought it would be.


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