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iPhone 7 Specs According To Apple’s Patent Applications

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Possible iPhone 7 specs we can expect after reviewing some of Apple?s recent patents. (Image courtesy of Apple)

Apple is widely known to be extremely secretive about their upcoming products. But that doesn?t stop tech watchers from speculating a lot about much-anticipated iOS devices, especially next generation iPhones. Recently, reports circulated online suggesting that the Cupertino-based device maker is planning to launch two smartphone models this year; the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7.

While we still don?t have anything tangible when it comes to the next-gen model’s?specs, we can take clues from Apple?s patent applications to the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office). Those documents are public so we can openly browse through them. MacWorld UK has?enumerated the most likely features that may be integrated to the next iPhone. We listed some of them below along with other patents that we think Apple may be planning to adopt for the iPhone 7.

Side wall displays

Apple had been granted with a patent for ?Electronic devices with sidewall displays? in May last year. Should this feature reach the iPhone 7, it means that we can enjoy displays that wraps around the side of the device?s body. The patent indicates that these these sidewall displays can be an extension of the main touchscreen. The question is, how different will it be from Samsung?s Galaxy Note Edge.

Unlock cars using iPhone

The company also filed for U.S. patent number 8,947,202 that mentions a ?primary portable device [that] can access a vehicle by transmitting an activation message including a vehicle access credential to the vehicle.” In simpler terms, that mean we may soon be able to use our iPhones to unlock our cars instead of reaching for the key. According to the patent, this technology utilizes Bluetooth to connect the phone to the car and may also be used to start the engine.

Flexible body

Just last month, the ?tech giant has been awarded with a patent that could allow them to produce iPhones or even iPads that have a flexible body. Will Apple finally incorporate this feature to the iPhone 7? That?s a likely scenario given that other OEMs like LG has already done it. Moreover, a device with a truly flexible body could theoretically be more resistant to impacts produces from accidental drops and bumps.?

Built-in joystick

If you love playing games on your iPhone then this is definitely great news for you. Back in 2013, Apple applied for a patent for an iPhone design that features a pop-out joypad, which is most likely to be incorporated to the home button. This built-in controller will be enabled by a spring mechanism and would be practical to use for games that requires tactile feedback.


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