iPhone 7 Rumors: Physical QWERTY Keypad, Waterproof Phone, And Other Ridiculous Features Of Next Apple Smartphone

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A physical QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 7? It?s an intriguing concept, and the Apple faithful seems to think so as well. A new concept design for the iPhone 7, created by popular designer Martin Hajek, received a lot of comments and reactions from fans, and by the look of the model, it might make you wonder if Apple could really make Hajek?s iPhone 7 concept a reality.

But while Apple doesn?t look like it would be creating a slide-put QWERTY keyboard in the near future, reports point to the iPhone 7 moving in an entirely different direction.

Waterproof iPhone

There?s not much to go through on the probable concept designs for the iPhone 7, but rumors are spreading that the new smartphone might become Apple?s first water-resistant iPhone. It?s a shot in the dark if you really think about adding a water-resistant body on the design of the iPhone 7 when you can just buy water-resistant covers. But in truth, it would be a great leap for the iPhone development team and their innovative ideas for the future of smarthphones.

Lightning-connector headphones

Recent rumors have also suggested that Apple may have a drastic change in direction for their next generation iPhone as they plan to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and incorporate an all-in-one Lightning connector. Along with the removal of the headphone jack, the tech company giant might also release Lightning-equipped EarPods for easy?transition?on the new audio output on future iOS?devices.

Reports have claimed that the new same-sized Lightning connector will also support Lightning-equipped and Bluetooth headphones, and a digital-to-audio (DAC)?converter, ?for backwards compatibility with wired headphones using standard 3.5mm stereo jacks.? This would likely demand a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter.

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