iPhone 7 Rumors: Recent Leak Shows No Space Black Color Option for Upcoming Smartphone?

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iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 was rumored to have an exciting new color option when it releases later this year. Early reports indicated that Apple could bring back a Space Black variant but a recent leak may reject those early rumors.

The Space Black color variant is something that many iPhone fans have been excited about. The Apple Watch has the exact same color option which is why many tech junkies were hoping that Apple would use the color in the iPhone 7.

Their prayers looked like they were going to be answered as 9to5Mac reported that a Space Black iPhone 7 could be releasing this year. Sadly, a more recent leak seems to squash the hopes of all iPhone fans hoping the upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple would have a Space Black variant.

According to GSMArena, a leaked photo of several iPhone 7 back casings reveal that there will not be a Space Black variant for the phone. The photo shows the iPhone 7 in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey color variants, which are the exact color options for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. With the absence of the Space Black option in the leaked photo, many insiders believe that Apple may not be planning to release the color variant for the iPhone 7.

The same GSMArena report mentions that the possible reason why Apple has decided not to use dark colors in its iPhones is because of the chipping that can occur. When the dark colored iPhone gets chipped, it becomes very noticeable and makes the phone really unattractive.

Apple has not yet made any comments on the color options for the iPhone 7. Expect an announcement soon though as the upcoming smartphone could be releasing in the next couple of months. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news on the iPhone 7 as well as other trending topics in the world of tech.


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