iPhone 7 Rumors: Leaked Images Confirm iPhone 7 Plus Will Have Dual Lens Camera?

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iPhone 7 Plus

While Apple is expected to announce a new 4-inch iPhone called the iPhone 5se during their March media event, many people are already looking forward to their next iPhone release which is now being called the iPhone 7 Plus.

Many rumors have surfaced about the upcoming device even if it hasn?t even been announced yet. One consistent rumor about it is that the iPhone 7 Plus could have a dual lens camera and that rumor may turn out to be true if the recent leaked photos of the phone are true.

According to a report from MacRumors, an alleged picture of the iPhone 7 Plus has surfaced on the Chinese website Bastille Post which gives the world a first look at the highly anticipated smartphone. One of the major things that can be taken from the picture is that the phone is sporting the long-rumored dual-lens camera.

Based on a report from CNET, the dual-camera system can take pictures with both lenses and then the results would be combined to produce higher resolution photos. This is certainly one feature which will excite iPhone fans as mobile photography has become a very big thing nowadays.

While Apple has not commented yet on whether the leaked photos spreading online are indeed that of the iPhone 7 Plus, it is certainly encouraging to see that at least some of the rumored features are included. The same CNET report states that iPhone sales over the past several months have been lackluster and cites that it could be due to the fact that the enhancements from last years iPhone 6S and 6S Plus weren?t all that appealing to the masses.

With the iPhone 7 Plus still not expected to be announced for several months, Apple still has time to work on making it an amazing device that consumers will buy. Be sure to check back here for more news about the iPhone 7 Plus as well as the other great smartphones that will be releasing very soon.

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