iPhone 7 Rumors: These Features Are Most Likely True

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iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is still several months away yet the hype and excitement for the phone is already at an all-time high. There have been several leaked photos allegedly of the iPhone 7, but of course it should be taken with a grain of salt until such time that Apple unveils it. This time around, it is the supposed case for the iPhone?7 which has been leaked. The case gives us several details about the upcoming flagship smartphone.

According to a report from Forbes, a video posted on YouTube shows off a supposed case for the iPhone 7 and it gives weight to several rumored specs about the phone. For one, it appears that the long-time rumor that Apple is trying to do away with the headphone jack may finally become a reality as the leaked case does not have any slot for it. This could mean that Apple is moving forward with Bluetooth or Lightning cable headphones, which will likely be revealed in the near future.

Another rumored feature of the iPhone 7, which is likely to be true is the upcoming flagship smartphone having a dual-lens camera. According to MacRumors, the leaked case in the video showed off a much larger and wider opening for the camera slot as compared to normal cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This could only mean that the previously leaked photos of the iPhone 7 having a dual-camera lens is all but true.

The leaked case itself has not been confirmed, so of course everyone should not get overly excited just yet. Still, all of the signs point to the fact that the much awaited iPhone 7 is definitely going to introduce some exciting new features that countless iPhone fanatics are surely going to enjoy. Make sure to check back here soon to get more iPhone 7 news and updates.

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