iPhone 7 Rumors: Compilation Of All New Features, Specs, Release Date

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iPhone 7

Apple?s much hyped iPhone 7 has been part of the rumor mill for quite a while now. Apple fans were expecting that the company will announce a new smartphone at its Worldwide Developers conference but there was no word about the device during an event. However, there are so many rumors circulating around the iPhone 7.

The new iPhone 7 is supposed to be released in two variants. The base model is supposed to roll out with with no significant change. However the high-end or the Pro model is expected to include all the major upgrades. The base model will support 4.7-inch display while the Pro model will be fitted with larger 5.5-inch display. The design of both devices will be identical to current iPhone 6.


The rumors about the dual-camera began circulating when an image was published on Chinese website, Baidu. The new iPhone 7 Pro is supposed to have 12 megapixel dual-lens camera. Moreover, laser autofocus sensor could be there as well. Laser auto-focus will improve the camera performance in low-light condition as the camera will better know the distance to the subject.

iPhone 7

Redesigned home button

The upcoming iPhone is expected to have a totally redesigned home button. Unlike the current devices, iPhone 7 will have touch-sensitive home button. With this new home button the users will be able to operate the device by simply tapping the button. Moreover, this will help Apple to make its upcoming device completely waterproof and dustproof.


iPhone 7

Stereo speakers

For those who are thinking this is ridiculous, unfortunately this is one of the major features that Apple is going to offer in its upcoming handset. Recent leaked images show the presence of a second speaker grill in the space where the headphone jack used to be. It also means that the 3.5mm jack will be no longer there in iPhone 7. Apple could use the charging port as earphone jack.

iPhone 7

Moreover, there are rumors that Apple will ditch 16GB model in iPhone 7. The new device will be available in three variants with 32, 64 and 128GB onboard storage. iPhone 7 is supposed to be powered by Apple A10 processor. An edge to edge display can be expected in Pro model as well.

Again, TheBitBag team would like to remind our readers that these specs are based on the rumors circulating on the internet. The company has not announced any statement regarding iPhone 7.

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