iPhone 7 Rumors And Possible Features: Lightning Connector Headphones In The Works? EarPods A Possibility?

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Apple may have a drastic change in direction for their next generation iPhone as they plan to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and incorporate an all-in-one Lightning connector. Along with the removal of the headphone jack, the tech company giant might also release Lightning-equipped EarPods for easy transition on the new audio output on future iOS devices.

Lightning connector headphones

Reports have claimed that the new same-sized Lightning connector will also support Lightning-equipped and Bluetooth headphones, and a digital-to-audio (DAC) converter, ?for backwards compatibility with wired headphones using standard 3.5mm stereo jacks.? This would likely demand a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter.

Lightning-equipped EarPods

Rumors of the reported Lightning-equipped EarPods might be included in the box for the next generation iPhone and may also be sold separately for other future iOS devices. The normal 3.5mm stereo jack EarPods will also still be available for separate purchases in the time to come.

iPhone 7 specs

Reports have also indicated that with the new Lightning-equipped EarPods and headphones, the next generation iPhone or the so-called iPhone 7 might be likely more than 1mm thinner than the previous 7.1mm thick iPhone 6s. It?s also possible that the sixth-generation iPod touch could have these similar features, with a design of 6.1mm, but could still have the same 3.5mm headphone jack.

On the other hand, previous rumors have mentioned that the alleged iPhone 7 will supposedly be bigger and better. The iPhone 7 Plus will include 3GB RAM and a next-generation mobile processor that might be named the ?A10? CPU,?Apple Insider?reported. The regular iPhone 7 is said to only come with 2GB RAM. Apple might also integrate 3D Touch to remove the home?button, enabling more space to make the screen?bigger. It could also be a way to trim the bezels to make the phone smaller, they added.

iPhone 7c rumors

In other reports, Apple is allegedly preparing for the release of a new iPhone that might feature a number of improved features, powerful specs, and may be called the iPhone 7c, according to?Apple Insider. The rumored model could mark Apple?s?return to the?4-inch iPhone form, preparing for mass production of what could be an?iPhone 5supgrade with a powerful A9 system-on-chip, metal-casing and next generation software.

According to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he expects the upcoming iPhone ?to be functionally similar to abuffed?iPhone 5s, the last iPhone model to sport a 4-inch display.? He also added that Apple will take a step back on manufacturing in force-sensing 3D Touch capabilities ?to differentiate the 4-incher from its flagship iPhone lineup.?

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