iPhone 7 Release Update: Variant With 256GB Onboard Storage Confirmed?

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Apple?s most anticipated iPhone 7 has been on the rumor mill for quite a long time now. There are so many rumors about iPhone 7 release date and specs. Recent reports claim that the tech giant will launch the device with 256GB onboard storage.

The rumors have it that Apple will ditch the 16GB variant and iPhone 7 will be launched with 32, 64 and 128GB internal storage. According to latest reports, buyers might get 256GB inbuilt storage option as well. However, Apple could reserve ?the 256GB variant for Plus model only, just like a dual-camera.

NAND flash suppliers have raised its price of due to increasing demand. An industry source told DigiTimes that Apple is among the companies that have raised the demand for 256GB NAND flash storage. That means iPhone 7 Plus could be launched with 256GB onboard storage.

iPhone 7 with dual-camera Photo courtesy of Mydrivers

iPhone 7 with dual-camera Photo courtesy of Mydrivers

Other than internal storage and dual-camera iPhone 7 will offer bigger display, just like iPhone 6 Plus. However, other specs will remain same in both devices. The next-gen iPhone will be fitted with Apple A10 chipset and 2GB RAM.

There are rumors that Apple could replace 3.5mm earphone jack with the lightning port. Charging port will be used for both charging the device and wired headphones connectivity. Second speaker grill will be there for stereo audio.

iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 Plus Blue with additional speaker grill

New smartphone will include touch sensitive home button instead of traditional button used in current devices. Apple has the patent for this technology and could implement in upcoming handset. With the new home button users have to simply tap it to perform the tasks. However, it will perform same tasks that the current home button does.

Apple will launch iPhone 7 in two more colors, space black and blue. Some images even show pink color option as well. The device is expected to roll out with bigger battery. Moreover, the new processor will improve the battery life.

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Space Black

Apple has not confirmed anything yet about iPhone 7 release date and specs. These specs are based on the rumors circulating around the device. Readers are advised to take this information with a grain a salt. TheBitBag team will update the information as more details emerge.

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