iPhone 7 Release Update: Earlier Pre-Order, More Leaked Photos Hint Of Big Reveal?

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It is that time of the year again when the internet is being flooded with leaked images of the supposed new Apple product. This happened before with the iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 is no exception at all.

The newest leaked images confirm minor physical changes from the previous iteration of the iPhone. First of which is the camera. The iPhone 6?s camera is bezelled while the alleged photos of the new iPhone 7 show that the camera now has a tapered design. Another design change is the top and bottom antenna bands. Looking at the previous model, the camera goes between the antenna bands at the top. For the iPhone 7, the bands were moved farther away to the edge of the phone.

These aesthetic modifications might be absolutely minuscule but rumor has it that Apple is saving most of the upgrade for the 2017 iPhone, hence dubbed iPhone 8.

Another leaked image, this time by GeekBar, shows the rumored screen assembly of the iPhone 7. In the image, it is quite clear that the cut-out for the home button is missing. This further solidifies the report about the touch-sensitive home button.

iPhone 7 Screen Assembly

iPhone 7 Screen Assembly posted by GeekBar

With all these commotion, it seems that some companies can get a little too excited. One company in particular is Leleda. Leleda is China?s biggest authorised Apple wholesaler.

A month before the rumored launch of Apple?s newest flagship smartphone, the wholesaler has started their pre-order offer. To cap it off, they inadvertently named the product ?iPhone 7? even though Apple has been tight-lipped about the actual model name.

It is believed that Apple intend on launching the new iPhone 7 early next month. Fans do not have long to wait to see if what they thought about the new iPhone are true. Whether it will have a 3.5 mm headphone jack or not, or dual-camera, all will be revealed on the launch. As for the pre-orders, if you reside in China or somewhere near it, you could probably give it a try. However, for others, it?s perhaps wiser to wait for the actual launch.

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