iPhone 7 Release Soon As iPhone 6S Goes On Sale

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The iPhone 7, successor to the iPhone 6S, is expected to be released later this year but no clear date has been given by the Cupertino-based tech giant. However, its release may not be too far off as the iPhone 6S has just received a huge discount.

According to a report from International Business Time, the price of the iPhone 6S has been cut down by $199 for Father?s Day at BestBuy. According to the same report, the iPhone 6S can be bought for only $1 through a 2-year agreement with a subscription with Verizon and Sprint. Not only does the smartphone get a huge discount, the iPhone 6S bought with Verizon and Sprint subscriptions will get a free LifeProof FRE case.

With the price cut on the previous iPhone, it could mean that the iPhone 7 may be released sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, iPhone 7 is expected to have some great features and specs which will surely excite countless iPhone fans the world over. MacRumors reports that the iPhone 7 is expected to have an upgraded processor and will no longer have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Aside from the hardware changes, the iPhone 7 is likewise expected to have some design tweaks, with the antenna band now running on the top and bottom of the device. It is likewise expected to have improved battery life which will surely make iPhone fans ecstatic.

The iPhone 7 is definitely going to be a big hit once it releases later this year. If you want to get the iPhone 6S for the cheap, you can take advantage of the Father?s Day discount now and save up to $199.

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