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iPhone 7 Release Rumors: Announcement Date Now Set On Sept. 9? Secret Launch Venue Revealed? New iPhone To Have Bigger Camera?

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Only a few more weeks to go and we expect to see the newest iPhone from tech giant Apple. The company has been known to launch their latest generation iPhone every September, and we believe this year won?t be any different.

Although there?s no final date yet of when Apple is set to announce the iPhone 7, or the iPhone 6s as some have dubbed it, there?s strong speculation that the launch is happening on September 9.

iPhone 7 Release Rumors: Secret Launch Venue Revealed?

According to News AU, they were able to get information from local San Francisco bloh Hoodline, that the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, a 7,000 capacity space has been booked by an unnamed person for September 4th through to September 13th for a private ?trade event?. The filing says the event will only run until September 10, however.

It can be remembered that Apple launched the iPhone way back in 2012 at the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which can seat 755 people. But some people are speculating it will now be held at the Bill Graham auditorium because of the secrecy of the supposed event.

In fact, the article described that locals are reporting that security guards have been patrolling the building to ensure no one sees what?s happening inside, while power generators are outside taking up parking spots.

iPhone 7 New Feature: Bigger Camera

The iPhone has always been admired for its picture taking capabilities, and the new iPhone is rumored to have an even more powerful cam. Rumors say that phone will have a camera upgrade from an 8-megapixel to a 12-megapixel capability with 4k video recording along with 240FPS slow-motion capabilities. It is also said to have a decent 5MP front camera and a modest 2GB RAM.

Also, according to our previous article on the next iPhone, people can expect the following:

The new numbered phone including?the rumored 6S and 6c are all expected to have a ?flexible? display. 3dfuture has posted photos showing their concept of the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6cc.

The phone is also rumoured to have ?sidewall displays? which can be used to control the slide-to-unlock functionality as well as for music player controls. This rumor sparked after an Apple patent was found which enables interactive or touch sensitive portions of the sides of the device.

Rumors also surface that Apple is churning out a voicemail killer which allows Siri to read your voicemails to convert them texts received via cloud, Network World reported. This feature is being implemented to help people that want to visually see voicemails instead of listening to?them. The report also says that the feature is already being tested on Apple employees.

There are also rumors that aside from the iPhone, the new Apple TV and iPad Pro will also be launched.

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