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iPhone 7 Release Date: Might Be Out This Year Along With iPhone 6S

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Rumors suggest that Apple may be planning to unveil two models this year, the iPhone 7 & iPhone 6S. (Pictured: iPhone 6; Image courtesy of Apple)

The current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus duo may still be fresh in our pockets, some are still planning on getting them, but the tech rumor mills are already abuzz with speculations about the slightly upgraded iPhone 6S and the next-generation iPhone 7.

Two release dates to capitalize on sales

It appears that the Cupertino-based tech giant is looking to arrange two major launches in 2015. KnowYourMobile.com cited several news sources indicating that the company is hesitant to launch the much-awaited Apple Watch without any new smartphone model to accompany it. As expected, the smartwatch and the rumored iPhone 6S to go with it are reportedly slated to be out on the first half of 2015.

For the next-gen iPhone 7, it?s very likely that Apple will stick to its traditional third quarter launch window, just like what it did for the recent iPhone models. According to The Mail Online, this new launch strategy is aimed at capitalizing sales; the company hopes to lure consumers into buying a more powerful but cheaper model before releasing its next flagship smartphone.

iPhone 7 specs clues

As early as now, there are already a number of reports claiming to shed light about the features of the iPhone 6 successor. Here are some of them.

OLED Display

OLED screens can be good candidate for the next iPhone since they are thinner, lighter, and consumes less energy. If Apple decides to integrate this type of display to their next model, we wouldn?t be surprised because Foxconn, one of the company?s biggest suppliers, is reportedly preparing to increase their production of OLED displays.


A fresh report out of Taiwan indicates that the device maker will double the amount of RAM for its next iPhone and iPad models, TechnoBuffalo noted. In the case of iPhone 7, that would mean it will finally be treated with 2GB RAM. That?s a giant step to the right direction given that a lot of Android smartphones already offers 2GB worth of RAM, some are even sporting 4GB.


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