‘iPhone 7 Release Date’ Confirmed; See Details Here

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With the increasing competition between world renowned mobile phone manufacturers, do you think the iPhone series is now overrated? Nevertheless, there?s also that clear understanding that consumers really don?t mind it. Now, expect that there will be hype as the iPhone 7 release date has been announced on Twitter. The supposed leaked iPhone 7 release date came from Evan Blass on Twitter, saying ?iPhone 2016 release: week of September 12th.?

When confusion came whether the date is meant for the iPhone 7 retail release or launching, Blass wrote another Twitter post saying ?Just to clarify, this refers to the retail release, not the launch event. To be even more specific, it should happen on Friday, Sept. 16th.? The timing couldn’t be better. In fact, September is usually the month when Apple introduces their latest devices.

With that in mind, expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to deliver their precious keynote speeches days before the said date. If lucky, fans will hear about the latest iPhone 7 release date details by September 6 or 7. While there are no confirmed details about the device, previous rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 series will let go of the 16GB internal memory. Instead, it will start with the massive 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Unfortunately, there won?t be any of the accustomed 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, it will be replaced with 3.5mm dongle that is said to come with the iPhone 7 device when it?s released.


It?s a bit disconcerting to expect something out of rumors on your favorite Apple device, but until such time Apple reveals the actual specifications of the iPhone 7, it?s really impossible to hint on what will actually arrive in a couple of months. An analyst also believes that the new iPhone 7 will come in a different color, something that the other models didn?t have and of course, it will most likely introduce the water-proofing feature — something that has already been mastered by the Samsung device. What iPhone model are you currently using? Are you excited to get a hand of the new iPhone 7 device this September? Don?t miss the latest news about the iPhone 7 release date by checking on TheBitBag.

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