iPhone 7 Release Date Confirmed: To Arrive Sans The Home Button? Details Here

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iPhone 7 Release Date
iPhone 7

Even before the headphone jack or the no headphone jack conundrum over the iPhone 7, questions about whether the device would possess the home button were doing the rounds.

Details that surfaced over time failed to give a clear picture, however, a recent leak may hold some hints to what fans can expect. A leaked image has been gathered from Mobipicker of what is said to be the front panel of the iPhone 7. The home button isn?t the home button as we know it, but appears like a ?touch sensitive pad,? as noted by Tech Radar.

It has been about a year since whispers of the home button being completely kicked-off was mentioned. If the image is to be believed, then the Cupertino tech giant could be making this move to further slim down the iDevice. The removal of the physical home button would allow for the device to be slimmed down further from the current 7.1mm thickness that the iPhone 6S sits at.

There is no way to confirm whether the image shared is true, but there is no denying that the home button evolving over time has been expected by many. Certain Apple patents in the past have also hinted that the Cupertino tech giant could probably be planning an all-screen iPhone in the future with the Touch ID sensor being directly placed under the display. So if the home button as seen in the image does materialize, it could be an indication that the company is heading in that direction.

However, it will be interesting to witness the moment when Apple introduces an all-screen iDevice since the home button over the years has come to define the iPhone?s design and make it stand out.

Keep watching this space for more of the recent leaks to solve the non-mystery that the iPhone 7 is turning out to be.

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