iPhone 7 Problem: Users Experiencing Whining Sound From The Back, Apple To Replace Defective Units

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As it turns out, device recalls or replacements are going to become the new norm. The last few weeks have been about the Galaxy Note 7 recall program due to a critical battery issue. And now, Apple seems to have some problems with the newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Some iPhone users are experiencing a ?whining sound? from the back side of the handset. However, this sound seems to crop up only when power-hungry activities are going on in the background.

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Stephen Hackett, a Twitter user, is the first one to share video evidence of the iPhone 7 problem. The whining sound can be heard crystal clearly in the video.

According to Hackett, the sound was recorded when the iPhone was resting on a table, and it was apparently syncing with iCloud. Right after he tweeted about what he saw, other iPhone users started reporting the same incident. The whining sound reportedly crops up when doing different activities and the sound levels vary for different users.

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One of the users named Michial Brown tweeted saying, ?A lot of 7+ users are encountering that [whining sound] and extreme heat.? Note, ?Extreme heat? was also mentioned. At this point, it is unsure if this is an isolated incident from a particular batch of iPhones.

In any case, readers should note that not all iPhone 7 users are facing this problem. Also, if you are wondering about the source of the whining sound,?GSM Arena says it is most probably from the coils housed under the hood. Under severe stress, internal components can vibrate, and this might produce an audible sound.

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In general, the processors and GPU units under the hood make faint noise. However, it becomes a serious problem if the sound gets louder. Nowadays, OEMs house top-of-the-shelf processors that are both powerful and energy-efficient.

Looks like, the high performance has a negative side as well. It is worth noting that Apple?s iPhone 7 trumped even the notebooks of Apple in a recent benchmark test. This says Apple?s processors are very powerful.

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In any case, Hackett noted that Apple has agreed to replace the device. This?applies to anyone with the same issue.

Here is the tweet and video showing the latest iPhone 7 problem, shared by?Stephen Hackett:

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