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iPhone 7 Price Will Be ?Too Expensive?, Leaked Photo Shows Pink iPhone?

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iPhone 7 price is expensive

Only a few more weeks to go and we expect to see the newest iPhone from tech giant Apple. The company has been known to launch their latest generation iPhone every September, and we believe this year will be the same. However, the iPhone 7 price for this year?s model is expected to be exorbitant.

According to The Week UK, this year?s smartphone model is expected to be stronger, but more expensive to build, further adding to the Wall Street fear that the latest iPhone, to be called either as iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, will not be affordable and damage its image in the market.

As the new iPhone’s expected launch date of September 9 approaches, analysts are getting jumpy about its chances of success.

Of course, despite the expected costly smartphone, there’s little doubt in the analysts? minds that Apple will still be able to sell millions of the phone, and people will still line up for it in stores to get the latest model. This fact is something Apple share holders are expecting, specially with recent dip in sales of some of its products like the Apple Watch.

iPhone 7 Price Might Be Expensive, But New Features Will Be Sweet

According to our previous article on the next iPhone, people can expect the following:

The new numbered phone including?the rumored 6S and 6c are all expected to have a ?flexible? display. 3dfuture has posted photos showing their concept of the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6cc.

The phone is also rumoured to have ?sidewall displays? which can be used to control the slide-to-unlock functionality as well as for music player controls. This rumor sparked after an Apple patent was found which enables interactive or touch sensitive portions of the sides of the device.

A company document was also reportedly leaked, showing that the new iPhone 7 will have a 12MP rear-camera with 4k video recording along with 240FPS slow-motion capabilities. It is also said to have a decent 5MP front camera and a modest 2GB RAM.

Rumors also surface that Apple is churning out a voicemail killer which allows Siri to read your voicemails to convert them texts received via cloud, Network World reported. This feature is being implemented to help people that want to visually see voicemails instead of listening to?them. The report also says that the feature is already being tested on Apple employees.

These are all rumors for now, and it is exciting to see what?s in store for Apple lovers everywhere.

New iPhone will be pink?

Some leaked photos of the new iPhone also shows that one of the choice colors for the new collection include pink, or a more appropriate shade of rose. Definitely a novelty phone that?s worth waiting for!

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