iPhone 7 Plus Release Date And Specs: Rumored Features Include 3GB RAM, A10 CPU And More

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How different will the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus be compared to its regular sized version? Don?t expect Apple?s bigger version just to have a bigger and better screen as its specs might offer a better mobile experience.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, someone who has reportedly predicted Apple?s entire Fall 2015 products, said the iPhone 7 Plus will include 3GB RAM and a next-generation mobile processor that might be named the ?A10? CPU, Apple Insider reported. The regular iPhone 7 is said to only come with 2GB RAM.

Kuo also said that Apple will push through with their normal schedule of releasing their latest iPhones during the third quarter of the year. Apple regularly releases their products every September and their latest iPhones might stick with the same schedule, Mac Rumors reported.

So what else can we expect for the iPhone 7 Plus? Here are some of the rumored features for the upcoming regular sized iPhone, all of which are highly likely to be included in the bigger version:

Slim And Sexy: Kuo previously said that next Apple phone design will be one of the thinnest iPhones released by the company so far.

Home Button Removed: A 3D touch might be implemented so that the home button can be removed. This will enable Apple to trim the bezels and make the phone smaller.

More Juice: The next Apple phone is said to have double the battery life than past iterations.

Almost Everything Proof: The upcoming Apple Phone is said to be the first one to ever implement a waterproof and dustproof design.

Wraparound Screen: Apple patented for sidewall displays this September. This will enable Apple to have a screen that stretches around the device.

Not Your Ordinary Resolution: The next iPhone might introduce a full 4k Ultra HD screen.

What do you think about the latest iPhone 7 rumors? How much would you be willing to pay for these features?

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