iPhone 7 Plus Photo Shows Taiwanese Actor Operating The Device Ahead Of September Release

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In the past, many?iPhone and?iPad related leaks have originated from Taiwan. It is understandable because Foxconn is based out of this state. This time around a famous Taiwanese actor, named Jimmy Lin, has been photographed with an alleged Apple iPhone 7 Plus in hand.

Lin is not new to such leaks and rumors. In fact, he is known for uploading photos of the new iPhones prior to the release. In 2012, he did the same with the iPhone 5. Following which, in 2014, he shared a photo of the iPhone 6 photographed alongside an iPhone 5 for the sake of comparison,?Phone Arena noted.

He later shared an image of the iPhone 6 Plus as well. Apple employees, based out of China, apparently vouched for the authenticity of those devices at that point.

With such an impressive history of leaks, this year, he?s back with what appears to be a cafe where he?s seen?operating the iPhone 7 Plus. The unmissable feature of the handset is the dual camera setup at the back, with an Apple logo beneath the camera.

The photo appears to show a pale gold or rose gold variant of the upcoming iPhone. Although the sides cannot be seen from the image, the device definitely looks longer and slimmer.

Alleged Photo Of Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Photo Credit: Yeah1)

Alleged Photo Of Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Photo Credit: Yeah1)

All the photos shared by this star have come true. Hence, this might be the first genuine photo of the iPhone 6 successor. In any case, the wait is not going to be very long as the release date of the?flagship iPhone 7 and the bigger sibling iPhone 7 Plus has been set for September 7.

However, at this point, we do not have much clarity on the existence of the iPhone 7 Pro. While some rumors suggested that this Pro variant has been?axed by Apple, others say this model does exist, but the name could be different.

What do you think of the iPhone 7 Plus photo? Would you be interested in purchasing one? Feel free to leave a comment and stay tuned to TheBitBag for more updates

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