iPhone 7 Plus Dual Cameras Cancelled? Details Here

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Apple loyalists are preparing themselves for an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus that may very well resemble the iPhone 6S in terms of the design. However, the upcoming lineup is rumored to possess some standout features that fans will truly be pleased with.

It was widely believed that the larger variant in the series will be equipped with additional features such as a dual camera setup as well as the Smart Connector. However, the latest reports suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera feature may have been dropped. As noted by BGR, a post on Weibo revealed that the iPhone 7 Plus won?t possess the dual lens camera owing to ?immature technology,? according to a Foxconn employee. There is no way to ascertain how much truth this claim holds or clarify the reason stated for the company not going ahead with the much-talked about feature.

The upcoming Apple phablet has been rumored to be landing with the dual camera arrangement for a long time now. The rumors kicked off with speculations that only a limited number of models will boast of the spec. On the other hand, an Apple insider revealed that all iPhone 7 Plus models will be landing with the feature. The dual camera is said to be bringing some impressive new features that many will appreciate.

At first, Sony was expected to come onboard to deliver the camera sensors, but later reports confirmed that LG Innotek had signed on the dotted line to be the supplier. With the company already coming onboard as a supplier and multiple leaks reiterating that the larger model is equipped with the exciting feature, it seems unlikely that the spec will be dropped. Wait until more concrete details surrounding the absence of the dual camera surface. Until then, take this bit of information with a large pinch of salt.

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