iPhone 7 News: Yes! It?s a Blue iPhone 7 Coming Right Up This September

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It?s less than a month before September and Apple hardcore fans are cramming to know what?s next in line for the iPhone series. Apparently, China Unicom, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the world, launched a teaser image for the upcoming iPhone 7 series. If the image is something to believe in, then the next series will still be called the iPhone and as the image portrays, it will come in four different color variants, mainly Space Gray, Rose Gold, Gold and finally, the unfamiliar Blue color.

Interesting, if you consider how Apple remained true to such unique colors but never on the shade of any blue in the past (except for its iPod series). Apart from that, not much has been said about the iPhone 7 specs except for some varying rumored parts. But lately, the concept of a glass iPhone 7 was hinted at by bloggers online and if you look at the image, you will see the post by China Unicom featuring what looks like a glass; a very delicate, breakable concept of a new iPhone 7 series.

photo credit: techorz

photo credit: techorz

Did you noticed the dual camera featured on the image? Whether it?s the iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 7 Pro that is going to carry that feature, consumers are assured of the dual camera on either phones. It?s sleek, it’s formal and it?s something you don?t want to lose, but just how much does the supposed iPhone 7 cost?

Although none of these speculations were confirmed by Apple, these teasers can be taken as a part concept of what?s coming. Needless to say, for a company like China Unicom, they will not risk launching the wrong idea to consumers especially when it is the hype of the season.

As for the Blue iPhone 7, questions surround the idea behind the color, what shade it will likely have and will it be anything different from the previous colors wherein, Rose Gold was known to have been celebrated and very much coveted during its launching.

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