iPhone 7 Jet Black And iPhone 7 Plus Went M.I.A Right Before Launch Day: Where To Buy, Price & Everything You Need To Know

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iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Apple just released a statement saying that the iPhone 7 Jet Black and iPhone 7 Plus will not be available in stores on launch day. This announcement has come up after earlier warnings that the demand for the new phone outweighs current supply capabilities.

People who want the iPhone models mentioned earlier but did not avail through pre-order or Apple upgrade program will have a tough time getting one today.

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According to the statement, the company is very pleased about the public?s reception of the new phone. Unfortunately, walk-in clients will have difficulties getting the iPhone 7 Plus and jet black version of the smaller model. This is due to the fact that production for did not meet the current demands. Even the silver, black, gold, and rose gold iPhone 7s are now on limited supply.

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This announcement was made to alert consumers who are planning on visiting Apple stores to get the new handset. Although Apple noted that there is a chance other retailers might have a few units in stock, it is still very slim. Chances are that the company will prioritize its own sales channels before its retailers.

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Apple Store Queue for iPhone 7

For sure, a lot of Apple fans will be fighting among each other to get their hands on the iPhone model they want. It would definitely be an absolute chaos. Fans have already started camping outside their favorite Apple stores in anticipation of the launch since yesterday, Sept. 15.

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Apple did not clarify when the rest of the iPhone models will become available again. However, it assures customers that they can still order any color or model of iPhone they want through its website.

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