iPhone 7 Limitations Revealed: Should You Buy Overpriced Smartphone?

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iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Apple has just released its newest smartphone, the iPhone 7, during its launch event on September 7. Although the company has launched the device with notable changes, it also has its own drawbacks.

The most notable change that Apple has made is removing the 3.5mm earphone at the bottom of the phone. This feature is quite annoying for some users as most if not all earphones have a lightning cable to attach to the port. Although the company has provided a lightning cable to provide the 3.5mm jack for its users, many have complained about having to carry an additional accessory to enjoy music using their third party wired headphones.

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Furthermore, Apple has incorporated two usages for the lightning port. It has fused what used to be just a charging port together with a port that can also be used as an earphone port. This fusion could impair the life of the lightning port in the future by half.


Lightning to 3.5mm extension

The home button has also been redesigned, but it has limitations. According to users, the touch sensitive button responds to touch but not pressure. Forbes reported that the home button cannot be used while wearing gloves.

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Moreover, Apple has used normal toughened glass for the home button and cameras instead of Sapphire used in iPhone 6. JerryRigEverything has posted a video on YouTube showing the difference between Sapphire and normal toughened glass. Thus, the camera and the home button is less durable than the iPhone 6.

Apple claims that the camera is ?brilliant?. However, if the iPhone 7 camera was compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7, there is not that much of a difference, according to Business Insider. The report also says that Samsung Galaxy S7 is still iPhone 7?s biggest competitor in terms of specs and feature. However, there is no doubt that the dual-lens camera of the iPhone 7 Plus is significantly better. The iPhone 7 Plus beats S7 by a big margin when it comes to the zoom in option. This is solely thanks to iPhone 7?s telephoto lens.

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It should be noted though that the telephoto lens lacks optical image stabilization. This means that if a user will use the zoom in feature for a photo or video, the outcome will not be clear or will be shaky.

iPhone 7

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