iPhone 7 Likely to be Named 6 SE? New Benchmark Results Show iPhone 6SE Beats iPhone 6S

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iPhone 7

The next in line Apple?s smartphone is likely to named iPhone 6SE instead of iPhone 7 as expected by many.

The latest images leaked on the internet showing the product packaging of Apple?s new iphone have it named as iPhone 6SE instead of iPhone 7. The retail box and the in-box pamphlet have people believing that Apple may indeed change the nomenclature of the device for the first time.

However many reports have declared the photos as fake, probably photoshopped to mislead the people. The awkward positioning of 6 and SE branding has been pointed out by many as as a sign of doctored images.

Though the photos may indeed be fake, another report has emerged confirming the theory of new iPhone being named as iPhone 6 SE. GSMArena claimed that a person in China was able to get his hands on a prototype of the latest Apple phone and ran a Geekbench test on it.


The picture of the benchmark test revealed by the person shows that the new phone is named as iPhone 6 SE instead of iPhone 7. The iPhone scored 5,210 points in multi-core testing and 3,042 in the single-core test.

Since the previous year?s iPhone 6S scored 4,427 and 2,542 points respectively, it appears that the new powerful iPhone 6 SE is indeed the Apple?s newest smartphone. It is expected to feature the latest A10 chipset and expanded RAM too.

Features and Specifications

The newest iPhone 7/6SE is expected to support the same design as the previous model, though with minor changes to the antenna lines and small camera changes. The new iPhone will also lack the 3.55mm headphone jack and instead audio output will be supported with lightning port and bluetooth.

The smaller 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to get a newer camera with larger iris while the large iPhone 7 Plus/Pro will see a major revamp packing two rear cameras instead on one. It is expected the dual cameras will allow to create sharper and richer images with inclusion of potential optical zoom features.

Another significant update is that instead of a 16GB base model, new iPhone will debut with 32GB as base model with two offerings in 128GB and 256GB.

The release date of iPhone 6SE is indicated as September 16 with the event planned on September 7 itself. The latest leaks by AT&T indicate even a later release date for the new phone.

Apple, however, is yet to officially announce any event for revealing the new iPhone, so it is better to take all the rumors with a pinch of salt.

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