iphone 7 Features: Waterproofing, Liquid Metal Body, iOS 10, And More Rumored For Apple?s Anticipated Phone

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Rumors are afloat that September 9, 2016 is the release date for the flagship phone of Apple and despite the iPhone 7 possibly being one whole year away before launch, more reports have already surfaced on what the device might have. A waterproof iPhone equipped with iOS 10 is just a few of the many rumored features of the phone. Here are some of the best and newest iPhone 7 features rumored so far:


You?ll no longer have to worry about your phone getting soaked from the rain or even accidentally dropping it inside your toilet. According to Mac Otakara via Mashable, the next Apple flagship phone will he both waterproof and dustproof.

Force Touch Display

The iPhone 6s has brought to life a great feature called peek and pop which enables you to glimpse at something and dive into it. The iPhone 7 might improve on this touch sensitivity feature through introducing a force touch display which enables the phone to have more input methods and even support handwritten signatures, KnowYourMobile reported.

Gesture Control

Opening or dragging menus will be a thing of the past if rumors are true that the next Apple flagship will introduce gesture control support. According to KnowYourMobile, if this feature becomes supported, users can just make a tilt gesture and your screen would automatically tilt.

Thinnest LCD Screen

Do you despise the look and feel of curved LCD screens? Then this is good news for you as rumors suggest that the next Apple phone will stick with their flat-screened LCDs. According to Metro, the phone will sport the thinnest LCD screen so far from Apple.

Are you excited for these features? The iPhone 7 is also said to have a 12MP rear camera as well as 4k video recording.

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