iPhone 7 Design: No Home Button, Dramatic Redesign, Long Battery Life, And More For The Next Flagship Phone of Apple

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Rumors on what we can expect for Apple?s iPhone 7 continues to heat-up even as the iPhone 6 was just released recently. There were a lot of rumors before on what specs we can expect. Now, numerous rumors are surfacing about the new iPhone 7 design.

No Home Button

There is a 50 percent chance that the next flagship phone of Apple will junk the home button, Business Insider reported citing Jaffray?s Gene Munster. Apple might integrate 3D Touch to remove the home button, enabling more space to make the screen bigger. It could also be a way to trim the bezels to make the phone smaller, they added.

Business Insider, however, doubts that Apple will decide to do this because the home button is not only used to unlock the phone, but it also serves as a fingerprint reader to authenticate Apple Pay. But this could be countered by integrating the finger print reader on the side of the device or on the screen itself, the report said.

Wraparound Screen

Apple filed a patent for sidewall displays this September 29 and this enables the phone to have a screen that stretches around the devices, The Week reported. Apple said in its patent that the sides and rear surface of their phones are often unused. Because of this, they said that there is a ?need for an improved form factor for portable electronic devices which allows functionality to extend to more than one surface of the device.?

Long Battery Life

Want your iPhone to last for a week? Well you might have to wait for a few more years before that happens (if it ever does). But on the bright side, the next Apple phone might have double the battery life.

According to Daily Mail, Gene Munster said that Apple has been trying to make their products have longer battery life and they might be focusing on this aspect for their next flagship phone. ?Looking at Macs over the past few years, Apple has close to doubled battery life for its Macbook line up (largely 5 hour battery to 10 hours,? Gene Munster said. ?We believe battery life is one of the biggest areas of potential improvement and one that might be welcomed by customers.?

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