iPhone 7 Case Design has no Headphone Jack: Is Apple Getting Rid of the 3.5 mm For Thunderbolt?

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Rumors abound of Apple ditching the 3.5 mm port in iPhone 7 and, instead, equipping it with a Lightning connector, as claimed by the Japanese blog Makotara. It created a stir as all of the smartphones have 3.5 mm jack and now Apple will suddenly take it out. Although the iPhone 7 is not expected to be released until around September, leaked photos of the first cases planned for this newest iPhone model have already appeared.

A larger cutout can be seen for the phone?s camera, usually for a setup for a traditional camera and LED flash, and two openings for stereo speakers in place of the 3.5 mm headphone port in current iPhones. The case?s form features a similar resemblance to an iPhone 6s, including cutouts for a probable all-in-one Lightning connector.

The rumors also claim that the newest iPhone model will be thinner than the iPhone 6 as result of ditching of the 3.5 mm port and is anticipated to come with extensive internal and external changes, possible including a larger battery size and increased storage option. In addition the iPhone 7 may not only be thinner but also waterproof and features wireless charging.

A downside to this Lightning port business may be that you cannot charge you phone while a headphone is plugged in. And using an analog headphone would require some sort of adapter.

Lightning-equipped EarPods have also been reported to be released by Apple in concert with the possible Lightning connector, which will be requiring a digital to analog converter. Bluetooth earphones trademarked as ?AirPods? have also been prototyped with the possibility of being released together with the iPhone 7 this fall. These earphones have been said to be completely wireless, not even having a cable connecting the right and left ear pieces, and are planned to be a choice alternative to the a new version of the EarPods.

According to sources, the design of the iPhone 7 has not been finalized by Apple yet. So it?s a game of wait and see to confirm if the rumors are really true.

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