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iPhone 6S Specs & Release Date: Might Come With More Effective ‘3D Touch’ Technology

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Apple?s 2015 flagship, the rumored iPhone 6S, tipped to have a more effective Touch ID. (Image courtesy of Apple)

The tech rumor mill has been rife with rumors about Apple?s upcoming smartphone, widely believed to be the iPhone 6S. As early as now, various reports claim that the device will have an improved Touch ID feature as well as an interesting new camera. Find out more about them below.

iPhone 6S giving way for iPhone 7?

We told you a while ago that the tech giant may reportedly break their once-per-year trend of releasing new smartphone models and introduce two models; the iPhone 6S (along with the Apple Watch) and the iPhone 7 a few months after. However, we now have reason to believe that it may not be the case after all. Apple Insider reports that a Piper Jaffray analyst named Gene Munster shared his prediction ?that the phone [to be released by Apple] is likely to be an ‘S’ upgrade cycle.?

3D Touch similar to Apple Watch?s Force Touch

Apple-centric tech site 9to5Mac has information that points to Apple implementing a move to increase its shipment of Touch ID sensors this 2015–about 77% more than last year. Those sensors are supposed to be integrated into the iPhone 6S and are thought to be more powerful than its previous version as the company aims to make its Apple Pay service more secure.

In the 9to5Mac report, KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo said, ?We think the new iPhone, expected to launch in 3Q15, will be equipped with an upgraded Touch ID module, with which Apple (US) intends to offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience with reduced reading errors.?

This improved touch-based functionality is touted as Apple?s ?3D Touch? feature. To give us a better understanding of what it has to offer, G4Games likened this feature to the Apple Watch?s very own Force Touch. This innovation is designed to intelligently distinguish between presses and taps and measure the amount of force applied by a user for each gesture or response. G4Games went on and explained, ?Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls.?

Mirror tilt to improve OIS

Another interesting upgrade we can expect from the iPhone 6S is an improved camera, specifically for its optical image stabilization (OIS) feature. According to a separate Apple Insider post, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sequel may be packed with a sensor that will make use of the so-called ?Mirror Tilt Actuation.? The Cupertino-based device maker patented this technology earlier and now appears to be ready to put it on display via their next flagship.

While many other smartphone manufacturers are already offering models with OIS-equipped cameras, Apple has just introduced the feature with last year?s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This improvement is set to take the feature to the next level and allow iPhone photographers to snap more vivid and better lighted images. The concept behind this magnet-controlled mirror tilt actuator includes a mirror and lens assembly that would admit more light into the camera. Apple Insider further said that it?s also programmed to compensate for user hand motion to stabilize images taken with the camera.




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