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iPhone 6S Release Date, Specs and Price: Camera Pixel Rumor Roundup

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Image source and credits: Apple Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved

Recent news?for the camera pixel of the iPhone 6S

Rumors are quite common in the mobile industry whether they?d be specs rumor, market price rumor or release date. For the iPhone 6S however, the latest one is a bit shocking and disappointing all at the same time.

iPhone 6S megapixel camera rumor

digitaltrends previously reported that the next model of iPhone, the iPhone 6S, is going to have a dual-lens camera and it will have a DLSR-like quality image as stated by Apple commentator John Gruber.

This is actually exciting especially to those fans who like to take pictures and/or selfies. However, recent news suggests that the megapixel for the iPhone 6S will remain as is. If I have to be honest, this one is actually quite disappointing.

Next iPhone will have the same megapixel rumor

According to a report by taipeitimes, Jeff Pu, an analyst from Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co Taipei-based, said that “the camera specifications of the next-generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6S, will stay the same as the current iPhone 6 at 8-megapixels, limiting potential catalysts to push Largan?s stock price higher in the second half of the year.?

This is no doubt, a total disappointment?whether it is true or not. Apple has been using the same camera pixel ever since the iPhone 4S until the most recent one the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Some fans are actually expecting an improvement with the camera pixel for the next flagship but sadly, now that the news is out, looks like we will just have to stick with what we have right now.

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Image source and credits: Apple

Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved

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