iPhone 6s Price: New Phone Is $100 More Expensive! Is It Worth It?

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When Apple announced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on Wednesday, some people didn?t consider the fact that the models just got $100 more expensive. So for those iPhone users who want to know what the additional $100 is for, we take a look at some of the model?s features.

Storage Capacity

One of the main upgrades Apple featured during their announcement of the devices were their upgraded cameras, which made a leap to 12 megapixels (MP) for the rear iSight camera and 5MP for the front FaceTime camera, with the additional ability to record an impressive 4K and 1080p video respectively, posted by Forbes.

And because of those additional enhancements to the camera, a 16GB iPhone?isn?t likely possible to happen. It?s fairly recognizable to see that 12MP photos are larger than 8MP photos while 4K videos are more than double of 1080p videos. But if you take into consideration the new ?Live Photo? feature of the smartphone, which records 1.5 seconds of video each time you take a photo, then it would considerably double the size of the 12MP photos you?re already taking, making them 24MP larger, shared by Forbes.

According to Gordon Kelly from Forbes, Apple has reduced its install size of iOS so it has about 13GB of free storage. That free space would equal to a small 30-35 minutes of 4K video, or ?17 minutes of 4K videos and 650 Live photos? if you evenly split the storage. And all of this before you ?install a single app, download any offline music, podcasts, even the contents of your mailbox,? Kelly shared.

In conclusion, Apple building a 16GB smartphone?is very unrealistic, making 64GB a more probable starting storage capacity for the smartphone. So the additional $100 you spent on your Apple device has a pretty good excuse if you really think about it.

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