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iPhone 6s Features We Love: Peek And Pop, 4K Video, New Image Processor, And More

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Owning the latest iPhone has always been the craze for mobile phones enthusiasts and how can we blame them when Apple keeps on producing simple yet luxurious looking devices? The iPhone 6s is no different and all the new features that accompanies the latest Apple phone are poised to give everyone a run for their money. Here are the known iPhone 6s features we love so far:

Peek And Pop

The new ?Peek and Pop? feature of the iPhone 6s makes the device feel intuitive. You no longer have to make numerous button presses to look at something you want. The phone feels how hard you press the device. When you press it lightly, the peek function is performed which shows you a brief glimpse on that thing you?re looking at and when you press harder, you?ll pop into it.


While the image quality of mobile devices won?t be able to match the quality of DSLRs because phones?limited by small sensors, the iPhone 6s isn?t jumping on the bandwagon of touting a higher Mega Pixel count. The iSight camera of the iPhone 6s features a new image signal processor that takes beautifully rendered 12MP photos. The phone also has an optical image stabilization to ensure that your images remain tack sharp.

Still fascinated with HD videos? You don?t think it?ll improve? Well, you might be awestruck when you see the video capabilities of the iPhone 6s as it boasts a whopping 4k resolution. 4K has a resolution of 3840×2160 compared to HD which only has 1920×1080. The latest Apple phone also includes the new iMovie and you can edit two 4k video streams and uploaded them on YouTube while retaining its 4k resolution.

New Tech

You?ll never have to wait too long to download that latest mobile app that weights over 1GB. The latest iPhone touts faster internet connection speeds as the phone is now equipped with LTE Advanced and it can even support up to 23 LTE bands.

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