iPhone 6S Battery Replacement Issue News & Update: See How Apple has Addressed the Problem So Far

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Apple recently admitted; the battery issues of the current iPhone 6S extend far more than what they expected. A specific report about the iPhone 6S battery replacement issues recounts that when the device?s battery reaches 30 percent, it automatically shuts down. Initially, reports about the unexpected shut down of the iPhone 6S devices were blamed on battery issues. Immediately, the company pointed to a certain manufacturing date of the device?s battery, saying affected devices were those with batteries manufactured from September to October of 2015. Unfortunately, there were also complaints about devices whose batteries were manufactured outside that range. This prompted Apple to address the iPhone 6S battery issues. The company is admitting the problem is worse than what they expected.

Statement from Apple

Apple, through its official Apple China website, expressed their regret over the said issue and assured consumers that they are doing everything to fix the problem. Part of the statement said ?We take every customer concern very seriously, including the limited number of reports of unexpected shutdown with iPhones. We also want to thank the agencies for forwarding concerns to us and their engagement with us…When we find something, we work to quickly provide our customers with a solution.?

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Meanwhile, aside from apologizing, Apple also released the iOS 10.1.1 update; said to help fix the battery problem of the device. Another battery issue report came in the form of shutting down the iPhone 6S at 80% battery; only to find out it cannot restart due to battery draining. When plugged, it displays a 30 percent battery charged only after a few seconds of charging.

None of the recent iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 updates were able to fix the fast battery discharging. Fortunately, according to reports, iOS 10.2 was able to address the iPhone 6S battery draining issue; but not the automatic shutdown problem. For more news and update on how you can request for a replacement for a defective iPhone 6S battery, read us here on TheBitBag for the next update.

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