iPhone 6s And iPad Pro: Know Other Highlights In Apple’s September 9 Events

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Curious on what gadget were announced at the special Apple event? We have you the details.

Last September 9 was another big moment for Apple, as they announced their new line of gadgets that will rally their ever loyal customers to run at the nearest Apple store for their new releases, then they will be waiting for another year for another announcement of new products for them to buy once more. So what were announced again last week? Here are the list


Apple Watch and watchOS 2

The announcement of the watchOS 2 will flesh out the existing Apple Watch with more features such as the Digital Touch where it allows to communicate with other Apple Watch devices and will also feature text messaging with preset messages and emojis, it will even feature new apps that is targeted more for doctors for medical purposes. Apple also revealed a new model for the Apple Watch which now features a crown on the side just like the conventional watches, where you can use it to zoom on or out, the smartwatch will have Rose Gold or regular Gold aluminum casing and either a leather or sporty bands. The new OS will be available on September as a free update


iPad Pro

The popular tablet is getting a massive makeover, and when we meant massive it is really massive. The iPad Pro sports a large 12.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2738-2048 but still maintaining a weight as of a regular iPad. It will also a much powerful processor thanks to the 64-bit A9X chip that is twice the speed of their previous A8X chip. Along with the iPad Pro, the new stylus called the Apple Pencil was revealed, promising a much accurate stylus suitable for artists and illustrators. The iPad Pro will be available in 32GB ($799), 128GB ($949) and 128GB with WiFi+LTE ($1079) (Apple Pencil sold separately for $99) and will arrive this November


New Apple TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV gets some revamp that will now support more iOS games as well as an improved interface screen and a brand new remote control. There is even a dedicated Siri button on the remote for an easier search with just a mention of a search term. The new remote will feature a touch pad, as well as a gyroscope and accelerometer which can make the remote acts as a game controller. It will be available with 32GB ($149) and 64GB ($199) variants in late October.


iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The main highlight of the event, the unveiling of another iPhone model. Similar with the iPhone 5 series, Apple is launching the S variant of the iPhone 6. Though both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are quite identical, the only difference is the screen size. The new feature for the iPhone 6s is the 3D Touch, which allows the phone to react on certain pressure you apply when pressing on the screen, this adds more options for future apps for the smartphone. The iPhone 6s will run on the A9 chip, which is 70% faster from the older chipset and will sport a larger 12-megapixel lens and can record videos in 4K resolution. The iPhone 6s will be available on September 25 with 16GB ($199), 64GB ($299) and 128GB ($399) while the iPhone 6s Plus will have the 16GB ($299), 64GB ($399) and 128GB ($499) variants.

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