iPhone 6C video leak: Critics questions the legitimacy of the video

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iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C

Reportedly, a video has been leaked on the internet which shows a forthcoming iPhone which would be a smaller sized iPhone, a successor of the iPhone 5c. Rumors surfaced that Apple may launch the iPhone sometime in 2016.

For several continuous weeks, there has been speculations about Apple and its plan on launching a new four-inch smartphone that would replace the iPhone 5C. Critics have been divided with the name of the device. They predict that it would be the 7 mini, 6S or 5E, and the recent leaked video shows that the new handset is in Apple?s Foxconn factory in China.

Generally, video leaks on upcoming smartphones are very common and are sometimes hoaxes, but the new video has left critics and technology websites confused, notes TheWeek.

9 to 5 Mac raises some questions regarding the legitimacy of the video. They claim that the video shows speaker holes and the ratio of it is similar to that of larger phones. They also point out that the video didn?t show any kind of comparison to prove that it is indeed a smaller device. While the MIC Gadget, leaker of the video had obtained devices prior to the release earlier too.

The Week is of the opinion that the video looks similar to the iPhone 6S. However, in the past, it has been said that the phone is cheap level entry and will not feature the same specifications which was seen in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Fans are predicting that Apple may launch the new four-inch version of iPhone at spring. Anyways, it would be delight to watch the new iPhone 5C successor will have under the hood and eager to know when will the device hit the shelves of the store.

The alleged leaked video taken in China?s Foxconn factory is here. Take a look.

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