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iPhone 6c Rumor or Real? The Little iPhone That Almost Made It

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Aside from its more sophisticated interface, what set the iPhone 6 series apart from its predecessors is the size. But apparently, there used to be a time when Apple was supposed to come-up with an iPhone with its current flagships internal features, but with a 4-inch screen.

This is according to Timothy Arcuri, a Cowen and Company analyst.

The report, which came out in Business Insider, showed that the supply chain research indicated that Apple was all set to produce what he referred to as an “iPhone 6-looking version of the iPhone 5C.”

iPhone 6c rumors

According to the article, the idea behind the iPhone 6c was to offer another low-cost option for those who wanted a new iPhone, but didn’t want to splurge on Apple’s next model, which is expected to be called the iPhone 6S.

Arcuri said he had seen evidence of this smaller iPhone 6, in Apple’s supply chain from January through March. But now, traces of the phone have disappeared.

The analyst also shared his speculations why the 6c never saw the light of day.

?I think one of the reasons is because the iPhone 6 has sold so well,” Arcuri said. “And they said, ‘Look, why would we want to cannibalize? If we came out with an iPhone 6C, we would essentially cannibalize a price-reduced iPhone 6.??

The Apple iPhone 6 series have sold so successfully, that most analysts think that the Tech giant would continue to sell it even if a new model comes out, saying that it would look more attractive to the market if the price is reduced.

Truth be told, this is not the first the first time rumors of an iPhone 6c actually surfaced. Analysts at Jeffries also wrote at the end of June that Apple could be creating a low-cost metal iPhone with a 4-inch screen?to be released in 2016.

The note from Jefferies, however, didn’t mention whether or not the phone would have the same components and design as the iPhone 6. Arcuri has also mentioned that Apple could be working on a new 4-inch iPhone in a previous note to clients from December.

Also, Apple has been known to secure patents of various technology even if they won?t be using it in the near future, such as patents for solar panels that may or may not be used in the next iPhone model.

So do you think Apple should push for a 6c model? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

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