iPhone 6 will be waterproof, rumors say

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Countless reports and leaks about the upcoming iPhone 6 have been heard and seen for the past weeks. Now, another rumor has come to us about the smartphone ? that it will be waterproof!

The latest news that we?ve seen so far is the image of an alleged iPhone 6 soaked in ?water. The leaked picture of the alleged iPhone 6 which has a strong resemblance to the Apple iPhone 6 images leaked by Sonny Dickson was seen ?under water, suggesting that the upcoming next-generation iPhone will be waterproof like the Samsung Galaxy S5 & Sony Xperia Z2 smartphones that came with water-resistant features which allows users to use the phone underwater, and can stand up to 1 meter (3.2 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

The water resistant feature is now the latest and most popular attribute among handsets nowadays.

In fact there are several smartphones available in the market (so far) which are waterproof like the following:

? Samsung Galaxy S5
? Sony Xperia Z1S
? Sony Xperia Z Ultra
? Sony Xperia Z2
? Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
? Kyocera Hydro Elite (Verizon Wireless)

iPhone 5

Reports and comments were published suggesting to Apple to incorporate to iPhone 6 a water-resistant feature since other smartphone makers have started manufacturing phones which are waterproof. Others also suggested that combining a hydrophobic chemical treatment along with physical waterproofing would surely make iPhone 6 extremely water-resistant.

Moreover, there is a great benefit from the waterproof feature aside from the fact that the phone is safe even under water ? that it will prevent germs. This is based on a study done in UK. The study said that a waterproof device could help reduce the overall amount of bacteria that tends to naturally accumulate on mobile devices.

Whether or not Apple would incorporate the water resistant feature, we are yet to know. This rumor may be true or it may be not. But there?s one thing we know is true, that the rumors will not stop until Apple officially launches the smartphone.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/)

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