iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s : Leaked Images Show Better Design Changes

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iPhone?6 vs.?iPhone?5s?:?Leaked Images Show Better Design Changes

Leaked images of an iPhone 6 mockup from a French tech blog -?Nowhereelse.fr?? indicate some spectacular and significant design changes compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 6, the much anticipated next generation?smartphone?from Apple, never fails to create internet tremors,?everytime?a rumored feature, or detail is reported, or a leaked image is published online.

It was no surprise, therefore, that when a number of iPhone 6 mock-ups were posted online, it created quite a big buzz on tech news and gadget blogs. The supposed?mockups?are rumored to be created from actual schematics that were ?leaked? from Foxconn, a manufacturing supplier / partner of Apple. The schematics were used by an anonymous source to create what could be the exact design and look of the iPhone 6, and provided the French tech blog -?Nowhereelse.fr?? with photographs of the mockup, side by side with an iPhone 5s.

Nowhereelse.fr?published?a good number of the photos that was obviously meant to compare the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 5s. The photos, shown below, give us a very good idea of the design changes and improvements that Apple ?might actually? be?implementing?with the iPhone 6.

iPhone6vs5a iPhone6vs5b

There were earlier leaked images published last week, according to the tech blog community, but the photos posted by?Nowhereelse.fr?revealed?more and new information than what was published before. (To see all the photos published by?Nowhereelse.fr, visit their site indicated at the end of this article).

The more obvious design changes that could be seen in the leaked images are the size measurements. The supposed iPhone 6 mock up, according to the one who created it, will measure 138 mm (height) x 67 mm (width) x 7 mm (thickness). The iPhone 5s measures 123.8 mm (height) x 58.6 mm (width) x 7.6 mm (thickness).

As previous reports revealed, the iPhone 6 is rumored to have a 4.7 inch screen which explains the bigger size. What is significant with the leaked info, is that the increase in size is not as big as some analysts predicted. The mock up showed that the iPhone 6, compared to the iPhone 5s, will only be 14.3% wider and 11.4% taller. If this is true, then it is a notable achievement for the Apple designers and engineers, to come up with a larger display, but still maintaining a compact size as much as possible.

For the thickness, the iPhone 6 mockup showed a much thicker size (7mm) than what was rumored (6.1 mm), which adds to the credibility of these reports, as some analysts say that the rumored 6.1 mm thickness is not too realistic.

Of course, until the iPhone 6 is unveiled, all these speculations, rumors and leaks will not be confirmed.

A report from a credible Apple pundit, Ming-Chi Kuo, that circulated weeks earlier, said that the next generation iPhone 6 will have a 4.7 inch screen, a more powerful processor, and NFC capabilities. Ming-Chi Kuo also said that the iPhone 6 would probably be launched in the 3rd?quarter?of 2014, while a bigger sized iPhone?phablet?would follow in the 4th?quarter.



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