iPhone 6 Versus HTC One (M8) ; Images of Mockups From Leaked Schematics

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iPhone 6 Versus HTC One (M8) ; Images of Mockups From Leaked Schematics

The iPhone 6 anticipation is getting stronger and stronger. Especially with supposed mockups being created from leaked schematics obtained from supposed Apple suppliers (like Foxconn). The iPhone 6, of course, is compared to the iPhone 5s since many iPhone users and fans are eagerly awaiting the next generation iOS phone (Do read our feature on ? iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5s : Leaked Images Show Better Design Changes? at: )

The past few days, more images of mockups from China have been showing up online, and the iPhone 6 is also being pitted against other flagship smartphones, particularly those running on the Android OS. One such smartphone that is being matched-up to the iPhone 6 is the HTC One (M8).

Images have been spotted showing mockups of the next gen iPhone, side by side with the HTC One (M8) and the iPhone 5, at the site of Moscoat, a Chinese tech site (for the link to Moscoat, scroll down to the end of this article). The images have been picked up by English tech sites and blogs, and have shared,with both Apple and Android fans, the details of the match-up.

To be clear, the Moscoat iPhone 6 mockup, is in all probability just a dummy device, that was created from leaked schematics. The site and the images showed did not indicate a functioning unit, and the mockup (in the Moscoat site), showed obvious scratches and smudges that will not be found in a ?new? and actual iPhone 6 unit. The ?dummy? also lacked any ?Apple? markings.

The images of the iPhone 6 mockup, when placed side by side with the HTC One (M8) and the iPhone 5, showed that the iPhone 6 is slightly larger than the iPhone 5, and is a bit thinner (this contradicts other reports ? see link above ? that the iPhone 6 is a bit thicker, which only proves that a lot of these ?mockups? are all speculation).

Compared to the HTC One (M8), the iPhone 6 mockup, still appears a bit smaller than the HTC unit. See for yourself from the images posted by Moscoat below.

iPhone6-vs-HTCOneM8a iPhone6-vs-HTCOneM8b

The HTC One (M8) measures 146.4 mm (height) x 70.6 mm (width) x 9.4 mm (thickness). The device has a 5 inch display, a bit larger than the rumored 4.7 inch screen of the iPhone 6.

As we have always mentioned in our features about iPhone 6 ?rumors?, nothing can be certain with Apple until they have unveiled the product itself, and all these ?match-ups? against other iPhone units and Android smartphones are mere speculations.

Still, these bits of news (especially here at The Bitbag), continues to keep Apple and iPhone fans all over the world excited, and eager for more info, regardless whether they are fact or fiction.

Image / Info Source – Moscoat:

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