iPhone 6 Update: Release Date, Latest News and Rumors

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iPhone 6 Update: Release Date, Latest News and Rumors

Straight to the point:

What? – A totally new iPhone with an entirely new design.

When? – September 2014 or as early as June for the ?iPhablet?. Or, as some rumors say, 2015 due to supplier problems.

Cost? – Premium price as usual. What did you expect.

(Concept Video by Tech Radar below. Scroll down if you can’t wait)

The iPhone may very well be considered the most iconic and game-changing device that Apple has created, more than the Mac or any other device. However, through the years, the recent models of the iPhone have all been upgrades to the original one, with improvements in its design and functions.

For the iPhone 6, Apple fans and non-admirers alike, are putting tremendous pressure on the ?descendants? of Steve Jobs to come up with a new iPhone, that will have the same impact as the original smartphone. With this massive ?push? from industry and consumer sectors, we have been treated to more than the usual rumors and ?news? about the iPhone 6’s release date, cost, and specifications.

To give a brief wrap up, here is what we know so far.


Release Date:

With the competition (Samsung, HTC etc..) putting out some good smartphones this year, the wise bet is on Apple to do the same, unless they are willing to risk the loss of market share from these terrific Android devices. June to September 2014 is the most likely time we will see a new iPhone (iPhablet or iPhone 6). Recent rumors, however say, that supplier problems might force Apple to delay the iPhone 6 release all the way to 2015.

Industry analysts predict Apple will use the WWDC event in June 2014, to not only preview the iOS8, but to ?release? the iPhablet as well. The iPhone 6 would be most likely unveiled in September, together with the iWatch and the release of the iOS8.

A different prediction, however, is offered by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI. He believes that a 4.7 inch iPhone will come out first, sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2014, with the 5.5 inch iPhablet in the 4th quarter.


One thing can be stated as fact at this point, the iPhone 6 won’t be cheap. Apple’s philosophy of premium pricing for premium products, has long been followed with the iPhone, and the iPhone 6 or iPhablet will definitely not deviate from this.

Speculations on the actual price put it at US$ 100 Dollars MORE than the latest iPhone model.

Like I said, not cheap.

Specifications and Features? :

No, the question mark is not a typo. We can make some good assumptions with the release date and the price, but the features and specifications of unreleased Apple devices are heavily guarded secrets.

Here is what the iPhone 6 and iPhablet may have, based on leaks and industry speculation.

  • Giant Retina+IGZO Display ? 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 4.7 inch iPhone 6 / 5.5 inch (or 5.7 inch) iPhablet (reports say the larger screened device might still carry the iPhone 6 name as well).
  • New design form with no Home Button
  • Gesture Control
  • Touch ID Fingerprint technology
  • Design influence from iPhone 5s and iPod Nano 7th Generation

Tech Radar came out with a YouTube video on their concept for the iPhone 6. Watch and enjoy.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/iPhone-6/509826725795325 ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y6ZAH8c1MM



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