iPhone 6 Tips & Tricks: 6 Security, Accessibility, & Battery Tips You May Not Know

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Handy iPhone 6 tips & tricks to follow for a better user experience/ (Image courtesy of Apple)

Whether you?ve just got the latest Apple smartphone or you already have it for a couple of months, there?s no shortage of iPhone 6 tips & tricks to follow to help you have a better experience.

This power-packed device is known for its incredibly user-friendly interface — you may probably know how to use the device five minutes after laying your hands on it. But here are some of the most useful tricks you probably don?t know yet but should. Check them out below.


Activate remote Erase Data setting

Renowned digital security firm McAfee suggests that iPhone users should always enable this setting. When activated, data on the phone will be remotely deleted after 10 failed attempts on entering the passcode. You may be worried because you don?t want to accidentally wipe all your data when a child or prankster tries to access your phone. But after the first few wrong attempts, it stops you from trying for a minute. On the next failed attempt, it increases the delay to five minutes, and so on. McAfee notes that It is unlikely that someone would have all this time unless your phone is lost. Activate it by navigating to Settings > Passcode Lock > Erase Data > then toggle it on.

Enable two-factor authentication for iCloud

Doing this will add a second layer of protection to your iCloud account. So what does it do, you ask? It works by sending you a text message with a randomly generated and expiring code that you need to key in after entering your iCloud password every time you sign in. For the full instruction on how to set it up, head over to this Tom?s Guide tutorial.


Browse through your iPhone easily using one hand

Apple has a new feature called Reachability that allows people to use their iPhone 6 single-handedly. You can activate this in order to quickly reach buttons and apps that would otherwise be too high to tap without adjusting your grip or using second hand. All you have to do is double tap the iPhone 6 home button to enable this feature. Upon doing it, the top-half of the screen will be dropped down so you can reach every area that you need to tap.

Download third party apps for one-handed keyboard use

Apple finally decided to release iPhone models with significantly larger displays. While many fans receive this as a welcome change, this makes the iPhone 6 a little less ergonomic to use. But a small sacrifice will always be acceptable if the benefits are overwhelming and this case, Apple is smart enough give users tons of ways to get around it. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models ship with iOS 8 installed and if you follow Apple?s firmware updates you?ll know that the latest version supports third-party keyboards. There are several apps that offers one-handed keyboard operation for easy typing on one hand. GottaBeMobile recommends a handful of free and paid keyboard apps to download, check them out here.


Don?t install apps that use too much battery

The iPhone 6 houses an improved battery but if you want to make it last longer, it?s good to know which apps are devouring the biggest slice of the cake by heading to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. If there?s one app (or five) that uses too much power, you can stop using them frequently or delete them altogether.

Recharge faster using iPad charger

Folks from Forbes suggest?this cool trick; apparently, you can use your Apple tablet?s charger to power up your iPhone 6 without damaging the battery. They?cited some iPhone enthusiasts who found out that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can safely charge faster using a 2.1A power supply even though both of them ship with a 1A supply.


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