IPhone 6 Rumors: Apple Makes iPhones Slow Before Releasing New Models?

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Apple iPhone 6 (Image Credit to ZONEofTECH YouTube)
Apple iPhone 6 (Image Credit to ZONEofTECH YouTube)

iPhone 6 is nearing its official release date. There should be hundreds of thousands of people anticipating the new model from Apple. But for some, they?re still thinking about it?as?there?s a new study that theorizes about a sneaky little thing that Apple might have been doing every time they release a new iPhone model.

A Harvard University student named Laura Trucco recently made some data gathering related to how Apple might have been effectively pushing the new models of iPhones upon release or even before release. It would seem that there?s a large percentage of people searching for terms ?iPhone slow? before the launch of a new product. There?s a theory that Apple is intentionally slowing people?s iPhones prior to a new iPhone release.

How did she come up with this conclusion? If you?ll look at the graph, you would see that there are large spikes for the search term on times of the year where Apple has been releasing new models of their smartphone, hence, forcing people to upgrade.

If the search spikes take place AFTER the release, this?would probably mean that the new model or the software that came with it, is not working well, but in this case, it is the other way around.

It is a given, that devices grow slower over time because of the apps you load on them, but Trucco is onto something, most probably, because these spikes aren?t gradually appearing (or you wouldn?t call them spikes at all), as they appear few days BEFORE a new model is released, which is a very BIG coincidence.

Still, Harvard economics professor, Sendhil Mullainathan, states that the data is merely ?correlations, not conclusions?. This means that these data may be benign data or some real serious conspiracy.

Another possibility is, if the operating system is just being ?optimized? for the newer hardware, which would explain the sudden slowdown on older ones, but still, would that be justified?

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