Apple Finally Admits iPhone 6 Plus ‘Touch Disease’, Offers Fix for $149

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iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease

A few months back, a series of reports revealed a major design flaw that made the screen of the iPhone 6 Plus malfunction. This flaw was later called “Touch Disease” as it affects the touch display of the bigger iPhone 6 model.

The Touch Disease is brought about by repeatedly flexing the phone?s body either accidentally or intentionally. This repeated flexing force puts a strain on the touch screen controller of the phone. The strain, in turn, loosens the bond between the circuit board and the touch controller. As a result, the display will flicker constantly and the touchscreen will become unresponsive.

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This so-called disease stemmed from a flaw in the design of the shielding for the touch controller. In comparison to the previous iPhones, the touch controller is surrounded by a sheet of metal. This sheet of metal strengthens the circuit board thereby limiting the flexing action.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus display with ‘Touch Diseade’ via ifixit.org

The Touch Disease was first discovered by a third-party repair specialist as more and more users are complaining about the same screen problem.

Because of the sheer number of the iPhone 6 Plus exhibiting the same problem, a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple last August.

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After months of turning a blind eye on the matter, Apple has finally acknowledged the issue by implementing a global repair program. Sadly, the repair program is not for free. Apple will be charging $149 for every repair of a faulty iPhone 6 Plus. However, for those who went to an authorized Apple repair center to get the screen fixed, they will get a reimbursement.

Owners should note that repairs are only limited to Apple Stores, Apple Technical Support and Apple Authorized Service Providers. Third-party and wireless carriers are not participating in the repair program.

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Users who are still experiencing the touch disease can head to their nearest Apple Store or service centers for the fix. Even though the repair is not for free, this option is still better than getting a new phone.

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