iPhone 6 : New Rumors, Including New Lightning Headphones, and What Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 Are Doing, to Fight the iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 : New Rumors, Including New Lightning Headphones, and What Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 Are Doing, to Fight the iPhone 6

The rumors about the iPhone 6 are escalating and here is what they are saying about the upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple. We also had some bits of news about what Samsung is doing to combat the expected iPhone 6 rampage.

Tech blogs and sites are filled with the latest rumors about the iPhone 6. The release of the iOS 8 Beta that hinted about a bigger screen is confirming the earlier rumors about the display size. Although Apple has not confirmed or denied anything (as expected, except the last bit), below are some of the credible bits of ?news? about what to expect with the iPhone 6.

  • The iPhone 6 will come with two display sizes ? 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches
  • A comparatively ?new look? that will include more metal in the design.
  • An updated Apple A8 processor to support the requirements of the iOS 8.
  • Better graphics brought by a processing feature called ?metal?.
  • Camera: 8 megapixel sensor that improves low light shots.
  • Possible launch during the fall, right after the release of the iOS 8.
  • iPhone 6, 5.5 inch model might be released in September, according to Cantor Fitzgerald analyst, Brian White.
  • Distribution on all major United States carriers at US$ 200 + plans (or higher).
  • Price: approximately US$50 ? US$ 100 higher than the current iPhone 5s.
  • Touch ID – 3rd party developer support for Touch ID features
  • Confirmed: New Lightning headphones (more on this below).

The iPhone 6 is touted as an ?Android Killer?, and Apple is hoping that the release of this phone, together with iOS 8 will lessen the supposed Android superiority, in terms of sales and shipments.

Samsung, the leading Android device maker, is not taking this challenge lightly. It is expected that the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will coincide with the iPhone 6, 5.5 inch model. These two devices, both belonging to the ?bigger and more powerful? smartphone category, will provide tech watchers with a very interesting match up.

For the 4.7 inch iPhone 6, Samsung is fielding a metal Galaxy S5 with a qHD display, to counter the smaller iPhone’s impact on the market.

With the challenges that the iPhone 6 is facing, Apple has made a preemptive strike by announcing the release of the new ?Lightning? headphones that will employ the use of the lightning port. This ?lightning? connection promises users a better, high-resolution audio experience for Apple iDevices.

The new ?active noise cancelling? headphones are also enabled to get power from the iPhone 6 and to use the Lightning Headphone battery to charge the iPhone.

Apple added that they will be offering support for the Lightning headphones in the coming days, and this means better music listening experience for iTunes store music downloads.

Not surprised? Of course not, especially since the integration of Beats by Dr. Dre into the Apple system, which you can read below.

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