iPhone 6 Needs to Have Bigger 4.7 to 5 Inch Screen According To ?Top Secret? Apple Slides

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iPhone 6 Needs to Have Bigger 4.7 to 5 Inch Screen According To ?Top Secret? Apple Slides

An iPhone 6 with a bigger screen. Yes, you have heard it before and you will keep on hearing about it until it actually happens (or not).

The smart money however is betting on the iPhone 6 having a display size of 4.7 inches to 5 inches. Tech analysts are saying that despite the grumbling of many manufacturers who survive in the Apple economic universe case-makers, app and software developers, etc..), a bigger screen is slowly being sighted in the horizon.

It should be remembered that Apple changed their display size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches with the recent iPhone models and this has turned the Apple ecosystem into one ?messy? marketplace in terms of accessories and app development.

So why do people think that Apple will finally succumb to the ?large screen? clamor?

In internal Apple slides that were presented at the recent Samsung versus Apple trial (courtesy of tech site re/code), it was revealed that Apple’s own research shows that there has been zero growth in the phone market for devices that are in the 4 inch display category that are priced at more than US$ 300 dollars. The fact of the matter, as discovered by Apple, is that the market was actually shrinking.


And why is that happening?

The slides below indicate that customers simply prefer ?bigger screens and lower cost?.


Yes, it is that simple.

The slides also show that the network carriers are dissatisfied with Apple due to ?unfriendly policies? and ?lack of alignment?, among other things.

With regard to their competitors (analysts point out that it is referring to Samsung more than anyone else), the Apple data showed that their competitors are ?beating? them in developing hardware, marketing and distribution that has resulted in establishing better relationships with the carriers.



So what does Apple need to do about this?

Apple has very simple options.

They can continue to keep the display size at 4 inches and sell the iPhone below US$300 dollars. This will however turn the traditional Apple practice of high margins and premium priced devices upside down (I can see Steve Jobs descending from the ?heavens? and smiting Tim Cook on the back of his head).

Or, they can go with the flow and come up with bigger screens to justify the Apple price tag and cater to the growing demand for larger screen smartphones.

This option, analysts say will enable Apple to maintain their profit margins and even push the price of the current line down to a more affordable level, to increase sales of the remaining 4-inch display iPhones.

Photo Sources: Apple via re/code ; https://www.facebook.com/Iphone6.xD




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