iPhone 6: Less Bezel & 8 MP f/2.0 Camera?

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iPhone 6: Less Bezel & 8 MP f/2.0 Camera?


News and rumors of the next generation iPhone have always created a stir, year in and year out. This 2014, the expected launch of the iPhone 6 is no different.

Supposed leaks of an image of the iPhone 6’s front panel showed that it has practically no bezels. The image also gives the viewer an idea of the camera ware that the iPhone 6 might be having.

The source of the leak has been traced to a French publication and supposedly gives a glimpse of the iPhone 6 front panel together with the older iPhone models ( 4S, 5 / 5S).

The iPhone 6 is noted to have much thinner bezels.

As expected, Apple (AAPL) has not given any official confirmation or denial on the leaked images. There also has been now word whether the iPhone 6 will feature a larger screen than the iPhone 5s or 5c or will revert to the 4 inch display.


Additional insider reports attributed to an Apple source purportedly claim that the iPhone 6 will possess an 8 megapixel camera (just like the iPhone 5s & 5c iSight) but with a f/2.0 aperture. If this is true, it will mean a marked improvement from the f/2.4 of the iPhone 5c and the f/2.2 of the iPhone 5s. An f/2.0 aperture will enable the iPhone 6 to take better photos in low light situations.

The supposed iPhone 6 camera, as reported by the GforGames site, will also have an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a Sony made CMOS sensor.

Other rumors are of course making the rounds of the web.

Earlier rumors claimed that the iPhone 6 would sport a whopping 10 megapixel camera, an aperture of f/1.8 and resin lenses that are interchangeable. This supposed leak was announced by an online gadget retailer that attributes the report to a Taiwanese supplier of Apple.


The alleged lenses (swappable) are supposedly patented by the supplier and are said to be made by a Japanese firm.

Other reports also said that the iPhone 6 will feature a sapphire glass display that is solar-charging. This feature is supposed to be the fix for a problem that has beset many smartphones for the past years ? battery life.

Like many rumors on the iPhone since the first Apple smartphone was introduced, we will never really know for sure if they are true or not until the iPhone 6 is out and ready.

In the meantime, let us see what others have to say about the bezel-less iPhone 6 rumor.

Video: Apple Byte: Is Apple planning bezel-free iPhone 6? (CNET / YouTube0

Photo Source: Weiphone Forum.

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