iPhone 6 Leaks Must Stop, Says Apple and Hires 200 Security Agents to Stop Leaks of iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Leaks Must Stop, Says Apple and Hires 200 Security Agents to Stop Leaks of iPhone 6

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is implementing tighter security when it comes to data and information about its planned products. This is a continuation of what Apple CEO Tim Cook started more than two years ago, as he took the top dog position in Apple, when he said that ?We’re going to double down on secrecy on products. I’m serious.?

This renewed focus on information security is highlighted by the never-ending leaks that are surfacing with regard to the iPhone 6. For the past several weeks, numerous images and information have leaked about the supposed design and specifications of Apple’s upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 6. The leaks, attributed to suppliers, designers, manufacturers, third party accessory makers, etc., is slowly giving the public an idea of what the iPhone 6 will probably look like and what the possible features will be.

Apple Inc. wants this to stop, and to prevent these leaks from undermining their marketing strategies and efforts, as well as giving their competitors ideas on how to stop the iPhone 6 from dominating the market. These leaks also affect their share price which is a sensitive matter for any listed public company like Apple ((NASDAQ: AAPL).

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To mention a few features, and add to the information already reported, the supposed info about the iPhone 6, based on rumors, are the following:

  • 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch variants
  • A fall release for the 4.7 inch (a later one for the 5.5 inch model)
  • Improved A8 Processor
  • Improved Camera
  • Backlighting Technology
  • Rounded corner design (similar to the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch)

Through the years, since Cook took over from the iconic Steve Jobs, security initiatives have been implemented to stop information from leaking to the public. However, no matter how secretive Apple is about their plans, the leaks continue and Cook and company are taking more steps to combat this weakness.

The weak link in all the security precautions, seems to be in the global supply system that Apple employs, in order to get their products made and shipped out to the worldwide market.

It is difficult enough to impose strict security measures for all Apple employees, but it is doubly hard to control the actions of their partners who work across the globe.

Just recently, a supposed leak, provided by Macfixit Australia, showed a supposed back cover for the iPhone 6 – 4.7 inch variant, that was sourced from a ?China contact?.

This info, together with numerous schematics and mock ups created by tech sites and analysts, seem to provide a ?believable?, if not accurate description, of the coming iPhone 6.

Apple cannot help but work with designers, manufacturers, and suppliers on a global scale, as this helps them maintain an edge in innovation and marketing. To work with such a wide net, means that they must share a good amount of information, in order to collaborate and produce the iPhone 6.

Apple, however knows that if they cannot keep their iPhone 6 secrets from leaking, they can at least delay the ?drops? of information, to give them a head start against their competitors, especially in the way many smartphone makers try and copy the features and designs of the iPhone.

So what can Apple do?

To put this objective into action, reports say that Apple employed two hundred security officers to identify and apprehend those who are selling alleged iPhone 6 accessories. Reports indicate that reliable sources of Apple / Mac rumors, posted tweets, announcing the hiring of the 200 ?agents?.

Many analysts are saying that this move may just be true, given how these leaks and black-market iPhone 6 accessories, affect their business. Analysts add that the mechanics of today’s global manufacturing system, make it almost impossible for any company, Apple Inc. included, to keep hardware designs and information a secret.

Apple may accept this reality, but it will definitely not stop them from trying to plug the ?leaks? as long as they can.

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