iPhone 6: Is it Going To Be Worth The Wait?

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iPhone 6

iPhone 6

It?s already been half a year since the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C which caused the iPhone 5 to be left out from the line-up of Apple?s smartphones. These two smartphones were very popular and they performed very well compared to most smartphones of their time.? Recently, rumors about the ?next? iPhone float up online and caused a lot of swirl.

It is believed that the next iPhone, dubbed ?iPhone 6?, will be released around September this year. The specs are yet to be officially announced, but it is rumored that it will definitely going to have a bigger screen than its predecessors at around 4.7?, becoming bezel-less and changing its screen to Sapphire Glass which is far more durable than Gorilla Glass. Sources also say that it will have a better camera, solar power, stylus and other innovative niceties.

Now the question comes: Should you wait for iPhone 6?

This question is more directed to non-owners of any iPhone model which are contemplating well, which one to choose, but current owners might also be considering if they will keep what they have or invest on the upcoming model. They often ask:; ?Should I get an iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C or wait for iPhone 6??

At the moment, Apple?s flagship phone is iPhone 5S and its specs are very remarkable. It has a speedy processor and has Touch ID Fingerprint feature. It also has an excellent camera which sports 8-megapixel resolution images. This is, overall, a great smartphone for most users, and it will probably be around for the next few more months or even an entire year. ?If you are in a rush, have the budget and have no time to wait for iPhone 6, ?then the iPhone 5S is the way to go. It is already a great phone to carry around.

If you are a little short on budget however, there?s iPhone 5C which is basically a revamped iPhone 5 that has plastic for its cover. The only difference it has with the older model is it has better 3G and 4G connectivity. ?It is a hundred bucks cheaper than iPhone 5S which is $649 for 16GB models. ?Both are unlocked and available on Apple?s website. Waiting for iPhone 6?s release is also a good idea as there certainly is going to be a price drop on each of the older units.

These options are good if you are considering the urgency or the price, but if you are leaning on the bigger picture which is the features, iPhone 6 will certainly be the right choice and waiting for its release might be the best idea. If you want the latest technology in your grasp in a couple of months and don?t mind waiting for a tad bit, you should definitely get iPhone 6.


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