iPhone 6 / iPad and Android Smartphones / Tablets Are More Important For Image Than Clothes, Says Teens According To Study

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iPhone 6 / iPad and Android Smartphones / Tablets Are More Important For Image Than Clothes, Says Teens According To Study

Teens are spending more money on mobile devices / gadgets, as well as food, versus clothes and other ?status? items, according to research done by a leading investment bank. This pattern in consumer spending by teens, considered a major consumer bloc, makes the market for mobile devices more exciting in the coming days.

Research information from Piper Jaffray (a full-service investment bank and asset management firm focused on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, public offerings, public finance, institutional brokerage, investment management and securities research.-Wikipedia), shows that mobile devices / gadgets, and food are being chosen over clothes, by teen consumers who have limited spending power.

For many years, clothes have been the accepted ?status symbol? among teens (and other age groups, for that matter), and what they wear dictates the image they want to project and achieve.

In recent studies like the one released by Piper Jaffray, it indicates that today’s teens don’t mind not being dressed in the latest craze or fashion, as long as they acquire the latest ?cool? and ?awesome? mobile device in the market.

The study also shows that aside from gadgets, teens are spending more on food establishments.

A number of tech media sites, like International Business Times (IBT) and CNET, have reported on the research of Piper Jaffray to highlight the changes in teen consumer spending, as well as the growing market for mobile devices.

IBT also quoted Marcia Flicker, an associate professor in Business Enterprise at Fordham University, as explaining the mindset of today’s teens, in referring to the attraction of owning the latest iPhone. She said that ? Will they buy the?iPhone 6?when it comes out, or be stuck with the slower?iPhone 5? Or, even worse, still have an?iPhone 4??

The analysis of this consumer mindset, shows that teens are now more interested in showing off the latest devices than being seen wearing any signature clothes. The same teens also find it more of a priority to be seen dining in ?hip? establishments over wearing the latest fashion wear.

The researchers and analysts use the latest iPhone and Samsung Android devices to illustrate the growing demand of gadgets among teens, but, it is still undecided which among the two leading brands is the favorite among teens.

CNET cited that research done last year by Buzz Marketing (a direct, online ad agency), showed that the Apple iPhone has stopped being a teen choice. The study said that the Samsung Galaxy handsets and the Microsoft Surface tablets were the preferred gadgets of teens.

The Piper Jaffray research, however, said that the iPhone captured 61 % of the US teen market. The figure reflected a 13% increase from last year.

There is more good news for Apple, as the report said that 67% of the teen market said that they will be choosing an iPhone (iPhone 6) for their next mobile device.

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