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iPhone 6 facts, leaks, rumors and speculation

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Just like the setting of the sun, you can expect Apple to have the iPhone 6 launched at any time this year. Although most iPhones come out in September, the intense competition in the mobile market always leaves room for innovation and other surprises.

Even if people know that the iPhone 6 is being launched this year after the iPhone 5s and 5c, experts, netizens and other professionals don’t know much about it. But for someone who is watching the events unfold and would love to hear more about what the internet thinks about the upcoming launch, we have a list of what is out there. Take a look:


This is what we can confirm:

The iPhone 6 arrives this year.

Basically, that’s the only truth to the whole matter. We know it’s coming, but we don’t know exactly what it is. And now for the fun part:

Leaks, rumors and speculations:

The internet collective brain, data miners and researchers have been working together vigilantly to glean any sort of information on the iPhone 6 and all its possibilites. Here are the most plausible and probable updates on the iPhone 6:

  • Sapphire glass display – No matter what size of screen has been leaked or talked about, the fact that Apple recently inked a huge deal with a sapphire maker late last year is indicative of something big in production. We hope it’s the screen, which will be scratch and breakage-resistant, unlike the iPhone 5s. In case you’re wondering, the iPhone 5s sports a sapphire glass home button.
  • 4.7 and 5.5 inch display – Apple finally comes to terms that their screen is too small and people do prefer more phone real estate on their hands. This could mean that Apple is ready to dive into the phablet market.
  • It may come out as early as June 2014 – Although iPhones traditionally debut in September, you’ll never know what earlier months have in store for consumer tech. Apple may be ready to pull a fast one on everyone.
  • 128 gigabyte version – since Apple was able to come out with an iPad Air that packs 128 gigs of space, it may not be far-fetched that they would come out with a similar iPhone 6 version. Long-time fans will be glad for the change.
  • ?A8 chip – Apple always upgrades its inner workings, though most users fail to see the difference when they’re actually using the device. Nonetheless, experts say that a faster chip may be the norm in the new flagship phone from Apple.


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Keep in mind that most of the things you read on the internet aren’t completely true, there are some things that you can always count on. One if them is that the iPhone 6 is coming out this 2014, and it’s going to be better than the older versions, just as Apple planned.


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